Conduent Connect is completely a digital solution which integrates and leverages all available HR data and employee  information in order to create targeted action plans and messaging for infobank employees. It is available for employees on in an easy to use and integrated way at anytime and on any device.

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Login Conduent Connect

To get access to the Conduent Connect Login portal, registered employees of Conduent infobank can easily log into the account by considering below steps such as:

  • After entering into the conduent connect web page, provide login credentials information including user name (WIN/CID) and password on respective fields.
  • If you ensure that the entered details are valid, go to login button and enjoy all employee benefits.
  • If in case of forgotten user name or password, click on change/reset password option and recover it.

Conduent Life Connect

Through the integrated benefits platform Conduent Life Connect, it has been provided employee benefit solutions from flex and wellbeing to pensions and share plan. It has built on a secure online site and tailored to your needs. Life Connect is a holistic solution which allows the employees to get a full picture of their reward and benefits to help inform, educate, and engage your workforce.

Conduent Connect is a new kind of benefits technology which lets to gain the advantages such as:

  • Flexible benefits and total reward
  • Employee engagement
  • Health, risk, and wellness solutions
  • Shareplan administration
  • Retirement planning and modelling tools
  • Trust based and corporate pensions including auto enrolment.

Additionally, Life Connect can be integrated with multiple benefit providers regardless of how your benefits offering is structured. At Conduent Life Connect, the registered employees can learn, plan, and take responsibility for their financial future.

Available services of conduent Connect included:

  • Flexible Benefits
  • Benefits Dashboard
  • Pensions and Auto Enrolment
  • Total Reward Statements
  • Health and Wellness solutions
  • Employee communications
  • Financial Modelling Tools
  • Retirement planner
  • Share plan administration

Flexible Benefits

The company has known the value of an employee in reaching the success so that’s the reason it offers flexible benefits programme to build a package around their personal needs. Accordingly, it helps to manage the total reward programme and all the various elements of a benefits package including health, wellbeing, childcare vouchers, pension, holiday trading, and voluntary benefits and salary sacrifice.

The company’s benefits strategies will help you to increase the employee engagement and your company reputation. However, it has embedded with the benefits platform Xerox LifeConnect which brings together all of the benefits at one place and guide your employees through the health, wealth, and career journeys.

Conduent is also offering communication and technology services to its employees that included:

  • Employee Communications
  • Integrated benefits technology solution
  • Scheme member communication
  • Benefit scheme design
  • Total reward statements
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Reward strategy

Human Resource Services

Conduent align your organizational interests with the employee work-life which needs across their health, wealth, and careers for direct business impact and success. Relevantly, it is offering a leading advisory, administration, and technology solutions which help to develop effective pension, benefits, and HR programmes while engaging the employees and scheme members in their health, wealth, and careers.


Conduent creating a strategy that supports both overall your business goals and your employees on their journey through their careers which is fundamental to the success.


It helps to gaining the competitive advantage, allocating compensation budgets, and managing the costs with understanding the value of a fully engaged workforce in order to help your organization to grow and succeed. The remuneration and compensation solutions specifically helpful to motivate, retain, and reward all your people in a way that fits your business, acceptance from regulators and stakeholders.

However, the experienced consultants combine the industry knowledge with awareness of emerging practices in benefits, compensation, and rewards.

Featured solutions

  • Total Reward

In order to understand about employees and your organization, it has undertaken an in-depth review. The expertise can help to evaluate the true value of a total reward package so that you can use the benefits package that included total reward statements for improving the staff retention and morale.

  • Global Payroll Services

Through the comprehensive global payroll services, you can retain and reward your talent. It helps to save the cost, improve compliance, and find the greater efficiencies.

  • Share plan administration

Whether you want to integrate the multiple share plans within a single web portal, you can support the offshore arrangements or incorporate your share plan within a reward offering and a wider pension.

In addition to these, Conduent Connect is providing a wide range of compensation services such as employee communication, employee service centre, integrated reward technology, and total reward consultancy.

Talent Management

Conduent is allowing to create a clear concise strategy for how employees’ talent support the business goals. By considering this, it is offering HR policies, compensation and rewards programme, employee benefit programmes, and employee messaging. The people strategy will also help the employees to guide inevitable business challenges such as HR strategy, change management, performance management, and employee communication.

The services of talent management included employee communication, change management, HR strategy, HR analytics, HR Transformation, performance management, human capital strategy, talent engagement, talent management, talent planning, relocation and assignment services, and more.

Health Solutions

Conduent has been designed the programmes that reflect the needs and circumstances of you and your employees. The tailored approach allows the employees to choose the health, group risk, and wellness solutions which are fit for you. Conduent Custom Healthcare solutions provider allows the employees to choose from a range of preferential healthcare providers that included international PMI in order to put together a bespoke programme for your business.

  • Corporate Wellness

Conduent Connect xerox infobank employee portal allows to gain the benefit of wellbeing programmes which can be effective tool to keep them healthy and should be a core element in a company’s healthcare and sickness absence strategy.

The corporate wellness services are global wellness, employee communication and engagement strategies, occupational health, benefit audits, absence management, wellness programmes, health living strategies, and employee assistance.

  • Health and Productivity

As every organization requires that keeping workforce healthy and more productive for your employees, developing an employee benefit strategy can be helpful to reflecting your business goals and talent needs. It has been focused on developing a proactive wellbeing programme and award winning consultancy team which strives to understand the unique challenges and focus on core objectives which serving both your company and your employees as well. Available Conduent Connect health and productivity services involved employee assistance, benefit audits, absence management, international and expatriate healthcare, occupational health, medical benefits consulting, private medical insurance, plan administration, life assurance, and wellbeing programmes.


Conduent has been focused on improving the financial health of employees and scheme members because that may helpful to achieve the success. Relevantly, it allows to get access to the benefits such as GlobalVision Benefits Management, Retirement, Investment Consulting, and Planning and Risk management.

  • Global Vision Benefits Management

Global Vision is a web based platform which gives the instant and easier access to your documents through a secure online portal. It is offering a range of service tools to employees and data to manage and track the risk in pension schemes and benefit plans as well. Global Vision specifically presents the complex facts and figures in a clear, concise, and engaging way. It has included various kinds of features such as:

  • Key pension indicators – It has been provided an actuarial information that you need to know about the scheme information.
  • Calendar – It shows the details of your scheme events and deadlines.
  • Conflicts register – Any conflicts of register and any actions or advice taken.
  • Investment risk dashboard – Offering a snapshot of your investment risks and awards.

In order to make effective decisions and understand how these decisions could affect on the pension plans and benefits, Global Vision provides the necessary information to the registered employees. It has included the new and interactive Pension Risk Navigator system which established an integrated approach to the funding and investment risk management. Global Vision benefits included conflicts of interest, key pension indicators, centralised scheme document vault, scheme calendar, pension risk navigator, investment risk and rewards information, etc.

Investment Consulting

Investment decisions making effect on employees’ future, quality of life, and bottom line. It helps to solve complex investment challenges across defined contribution and defined benefit schemes which giving practical and cost effective advice that delivers clear and measurable results. By using the specialised dashboard within Global Vision challenge pension management platform and the new Pension Risk Navigator online system, it lets to evaluate the progress of your investment decisions and take action when needed.

Featured Solutions

  • Defined Benefit Investment Consulting

The company has been created tailored investment strategies which can make into a consideration of variety of factors that allows to manage the liability risk effectively or move towards of your pension obligations while enhancing the returns. In this way, you can react quickly and control any kind of risks and take the advantage of market opportunities.

  • Defined Contribution Investment Consulting

In order to achieve the better results for members, Conduent helps to choose the appropriate funds, off-the-shelf options or a bespoke solution. It is also providing personalized advice to the employees who prefer to select their own investments.

  • Investment Research

It can allow to appoint the best investment managers in a wide range of asset classes and keep you informed on investment developments through the insight and thought leadership pieces.

Available investment consulting services included investment market research, investment strategy advice, market research and selection services, market insight, investment monitoring, investment market research, investment modelling tools, asset allocation, and fiduciary manager evaluation.

Planning and Risk Management

The pension risk consultants are working here at the Conduent company those are experts in the ongoing management of liabilities for trustees and scheme sponsors and pension schemes that can help to reduce the economic volatility and make it strengthen the organization’s balance sheet.

It also covers a wide range of subjects including from scheme actuary services to insured the buy outs and buy-ins and committed to offering you with the high quality service. With the use of most innovative pensions management technology Global Vision, it delivers numerous kinds of decision making tools and data in order to help track and manage the risk in your pension and benefits plan. Below, you can find the featured solutions under planning and risk management that included:

  • Actuarial Consulting

By collaborating the comprehensive and market leading service with cost effective use of leading systems, the company allows to continue the changes in legislation and developments in technology. It is also offering commercial, professional, and pragmatic advice which tailored to your needs, hands-on, led by a team of dynamic, and enthusiastic advisers.

  • Pension Risk Navigator

Conduent Connect Pension Risk Navigator is an online system which assists to control the effectiveness of your defined pension plans in real time.

Conduent is allowing to access various kinds of services such as financial risk management, liability management, insured buy-outs and buy-ins, pension scheme design, PPF Levy Mitigation, Scheme Actuary Services, Scheme De-Risking, Mergers and Acquisitions advice, flight plans, funding negotiations, employer covenant assessment services, actuarial expert witness, and more.

  • Retirement

Conduent knows how important it is that your retirement programme which meets the needs of your organization, your employees, and scheme members today and into the future.

Based on a market leading scheme governance structure, it has put the right scheme in place is the first step in the retirement programme whether it is a defined contribution or defined benefit scheme, trust based or contract. Conduent is helping to manage the administer and monitor the arrangements.

The pension experts who are working at Conduent get focused on corporate or trustee objectives, ensuring the scheme, and associated with investment choices that remains appropriate for your members. For developing an effective communication strategy, it is also monitoring the behaviour of your scheme members through a governance structure. All these functions will be delivered using a centralised online pension management platform Global Vision.

Via Conduent Life Connect platform including integrated pension portal, Conduent is offering a range of solutions that providing the advice that they need with a combination of presentations and workshops.

  • Defined Benefit Pension Consulting

In order to manage the DB scheme, Conduent Connect dedicated and expert team of DB consultants will help to deliver impartial and conflict-free advice.

  • Defined Contribution Pension Consulting

Whether you want to check out the sustainability of any existing DC arrangements, it provides advice and support to both trustees and HR professionals for implementing the solution which is right for you.

  • Pension Training

If you are looking for a practical pension related training courses, you can visit the training pension courses and sign up for a course near you.

  • Pension Administration

The industry leading technologies at Conduent can be tailored to the requirements and to the ever changing nature of pension legislation and ensure that pension scheme runs smoothly.

Services of Conduent Life Connect Retirement subsuming employee or scheme member presentations, DC scheme governance, auto enrolment, actuarial consulting, pension scheme design, pension benefit statements, pension administration, regulatory compliance, retirement modelling tools, trustee secretarial, and salary sacrifice.


Conduent has an engaged workforce which drives better business performance. Employee engagement solutions has been delivered with a combination of leading technology and innovative employee communications. Through an online benefits platform Conduent Life Connect, it pulls together all elements of your benefits programme that included total reward, flexible benefits, and pensions along with a range of calculators and tools. This online platform allows to help engage the employees across all elements of their health, wealth, and careers.

  • Employee engagement through Communication and Technology

Employees at any organization are one of the most valuable assets. By offering different types of programmes, it enabling them to be better consumers of the programmes. It enables them to become more engaged in their jobs and leading to a higher performing workforce. It helps to increase the employee engagement with effective and collaborative solutions in terms of total reward, flexible benefits, and innovative communication tools.

It helps the organization to get the right message to the right people at the right time from employee communications to highly personalised technology solutions such as Conduent Life Connect which is an integrated platform. However, the strategic solutions help to derive the desired audience behaviours and strengthen the organizational culture and deliver improved business results.

  • Employee and Scheme Communication

It lets to carefully planned the communication and open dialogue with the employees which are essential to build the relationship. The award winning communication team allows to deliver a rich mix of content, innovation, information, and creativity.

  • Total Reward

Conduent allows to undertake an in-depth benefit review in order to gain a full understanding of employees, organization, and specific situation. The expertise can assist to estimate the value of a total reward package that can help to use the benefit communications subsuming total reward statements for improving staff retention and value.

  • Flexible benefits

Conduent Flexible Benefits feature should be engaging, adaptable, and accessible across a range of media. As every client is different, it helps to ensure that the use of services and technology led by your benefit programmes.

  • Conduent Life Work Portal

Conduent Life Work portal has been integrated and leverage with the all available HR data and employee physical and wellness information for creating targeted action plans and messaging for your employees as well.

Here, you can find out a range of communication and technology services such as employee engagement tools, employee communications, reward strategy, benefit scheme design, scheme member communications, integrated benefits technology solution, and total reward statements.

HR BPO and HR as a Service Solution

Conduent allows to improve the business results through the holistic talent management of people, tools, processes, and analytics with HR as a service.

The outsourced HR services are quickly evolved from licensing proprietary software to a one to many model in which services will be personalised and uniformly delivered through the cloud. Relevantly, Conduent has adapted to the software as a service technology which is a long term technology solution and the culture for HR helps to empower the managers and employees as well.

Conduent HRaaS solution assists to improve the use of cloud based human resource management system. This software solution lets to provide the comprehensive flexible end to end HR business outsourcing services on a global scale.

This HRaaS solution has been integrated with the traditional BPO services with any of the leading HRaaS solution tools available in the current market in order to provide the comprehensive end-to-end solution. Based on integrated tools at the employee, HR professional, manager, and service centre level, it allows to deliver unparalleled experience which is scalable, flexible, and truly global. For simplifying your business and deliver an improved customer experience, it allows to focus on the full picture of people, processes, tools, and analytics.

How HRaaS enhances SaaS:

  • Offers a full suite of global HR processes and best practices to operate on SaaS platforms.
  • Provides a flexible economic model according to the transactional price where clients can pay only for the services that they consume.
  • It facilitates the global client management with an HR SaaS provider.
  • It provides global service center support.